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Treatment Methods

Regardless of the medical care required, whether it is assessment, treatment or preventive measures, the medical process always starts with a preliminary meeting.

All types of medical care processes are complex, and involve problem identification, finding possible solutions and taking the necessary measures to eliminate the problem. We assume full responsibility for the entire process, accompanying and supporting the patient on both physical and emotional levels at all times. Patients are typically in a state of stress or anxiety during the preliminary meeting, due to the uncertainty of further proceeding, and prior to making an important decision. Preparation for this meeting is an integral part of the treatment, as it allows us to establish contact with the patients and to learn more about them and about the specifics of their illness. This stage essentially brings us closer to achieving our common goal: a successful and beneficial treatment process.

Our job is to support, advise, guide and accompany patients, taking into account not only their illness or clinical condition, but also various psychological factors. The ability to help patients and to give them the hope they need and deserve are core values that are always positioned at the base of any treatment.

Our patients know that they are in the reliable hands of professionals. We believe that information is an important tool that allows people to make the right decisions about their health. Therefore, we have collected useful information that will help you understandof the scope and essence of our work.

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Israeli rehabilitation programs are known throughout the world for their effectiveness and ability to rehabilitate patients who have undergone complex surgeries, or have experienced various kinds of injuries, strokes, joint transplants, cardiac surgeries, spinal cord injuries. This also includes also the rehabilitation of patients with chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, respiratory rehabilitation, and rehabilitation after mental illness.

Rehabilitation – This is a significant period in the life of the patient, and it allows the full or partial restoration of lost bodily functions. A complex and multifaceted process, rehabilitation is conducted with the participation of a whole team of specialists, each of whom is responsible for a certain area.
The goal of rehabilitation is to facilitate the patient’s physical and psychological return to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In order to ensure the highest level of effectiveness, the rehabilitation process is initiated at the earliest possible stage of the program, and as soon as the vital functions of the patient are stabilized. Rehabilitation is always carried out at a specialized rehabilitation center.

The rehabilitation process is planned individually for each patient, taking into account his or her physiological, psychological and emotional needs. The success of this process depends on the patient’s desire and his or her attitude towards achieving results.
Each patient undergoes treatment according to a personal program, in which therapeutic methods are combined. These include:

  • Medical
  • Psychological
  • Motor (physical)
  • Social-mental
  • Behavioral

The multidisciplinary rehabilitation staff consists of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, specialists in ergotherapy, art therapy, and psychodrama.
Rehabilitation Paths:

  • Neurological recovery
  • Children’s department of neurological and / or orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Department of intensive rehabilitation for patients in a state of coma after a brain injury
  • Orthopedic restoration

The earlier the patient is sent to rehabilitative treatment, the greater the chance of achieving the desired results.

Rehabilitation Centers


Rehabilitation Center

Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center enables the simultaneous recovery of more than 300 patients, most of whom undergo full medical rehabilitation processes. The hospital specialises in rehabilitation after injuries of the head, spinal cord, limbs, etc. Often these are patients who have suffered a car accident, or are victims of war and terrorist attacks. The purpose of rehabilitation is to return the patient to a fully independent healthy life, both physically and psychologically.

Rehabilitation Centers

Assuta Relax

Health center
Tel Aviv

Assuta Relax health center operates in conjunction with Assuta Tel Aviv hospital, providing a place for patients to stay before and after treatment, while benefiting from maximum comfort. This full-board wellness center takes care of the personal needs and preferences of each patient, taking into account their medical reports and condition. Assuta Relax provides the services of a physiotherapist, nutritionist and psychologist, to ensure a complete and profound rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation Centers


Rehabilitation Center
Tel Aviv

Reuth Rehabilitation Center has developed care programs designed for patients who are in a state of coma. The center employs special methods of artificial lung ventilation, as well as unique rehabilitation measures for patients with respiratory failure. The center specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with head and spinal injuries, patients who have undergone severe and complex fractures or amputation of limbs, as well as the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke.

Rehabilitation Centers

Ida Sourasky

Rehabilitation Center
Tel Aviv

This rehabilitation complex, with 125 beds, is part of Ichilov Hospital (Sourasky) and is located on the hospital grounds. The center’s areas of specialization include: geriatrics, psychiatry, pain, cardiovascular diseases, postoperative and post-traumatic rehabilitation, and orthopedic rehabilitation, to name a few.

Rehabilitation Centers


Medical Drug Rehab Center
Peha Tikva

This center is unique in its tailored rehabilitation approach, which considers the degree and nature of the affliction, and the patient’s personal character traits. The professional personnel of this center use modern methods of rehabilitation from drug addiction, integrating a creative approach with more traditional programs. The staff includes highly trained professional specialists, therapists-consultants and social workers, who work alongside the family and relatives throughout the process. Psychological assistance to the family is considered as important as the rehabilitation of the patient himself, and has a significant impact on the outcome and long term effectiveness. The atmosphere at the center is friendly, while the treatment is conducted under the watchful eye of highly qualified doctors. The course of treatment and rehabilitation can last from one month to a year, depending on the case and patient. At the end of the treatment, experts develop a home recovery program for each individual. Patient support is also continued after the process via phone communications and online to ensure long lasting success.