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Regardless of the medical care required, whether it is assessment, treatment or preventive measures, the medical process always starts with a preliminary meeting.

All types of medical care processes are complex, and involve problem identification, finding possible solutions and taking the necessary measures to eliminate the problem. We assume full responsibility for the entire process, accompanying and supporting the patient on both physical and emotional levels at all times. Patients are typically in a state of stress or anxiety during the preliminary meeting, due to the uncertainty of further proceeding, and prior to making an important decision. Preparation for this meeting is an integral part of the treatment, as it allows us to establish contact with the patients and to learn more about them and about the specifics of their illness. This stage essentially brings us closer to achieving our common goal: a successful and beneficial treatment process.

Our job is to support, advise, guide and accompany patients, taking into account not only their illness or clinical condition, but also various psychological factors. The ability to help patients and to give them the hope they need and deserve are core values that are always positioned at the base of any treatment.

Our patients know that they are in the reliable hands of professionals. We believe that information is an important tool that allows people to make the right decisions about their health. Therefore, we have collected useful information that will help you understandof the scope and essence of our work.

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