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Stern-Med will help you with everything you need to plan and prepare for your trip, and make sure it is a success:

  • Setting up the visit for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Assistance with the issuing of an invitation for your visit to Israel, meeting you in the airport, transfer to your destination, and all aspects of accommodation.
  • Expert support in the setup of documents, and translation of medical documents (diagnoses, recommendations, medical reports).
  • Organizing initial consultation with the medical specialists based on the medical documents, handling test results, CT discs, MRI, etc.
  • Help in choosing the medical specialist or medical center for full assessment and treatment.
  • Drafting the requisite diagnostics plan and treatment process in Israel that includes the duration and the preliminary costs estimate.
  • Following departure from Israel, our specialists stay in contact with you, to provide services that do not require your presence in Israel.