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Clinics / Medical Centers

Stern-Med collaborates with the largest medical centers in Israel, enabling us to offer our patients the services of leading, world-class specialists in all areas of medicine.
Stern-Med is the official registered partner of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), the largest multidisciplinary hospital in Israel, and home of the country’s leading private clinics, including: Assuta, Ramat Aviv Medical Center and Herzliya Medical Center.

Sourasky (Ichilov)

Medical Center
Tel Aviv

Ichilov Hospital is a multidisciplinary center, and one of the largest and oldest medical institutions in Israel. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, it has been in operation since 1899.
Today, Ichilov is a multifunctional medical complex, practically unlimited in its technical capabilities. It provides a full range of medical services, and conducts scientific research in numerous fields, employing more than 3500 highly qualified staff members. Most of the specialists who work at this advanced medical center have achieved a notable international reputation.

Ichilov is the leading academic and research center of Israel in all medical domains. It comprises about 150 health centers and more than 60 stationary departments. Fully equipped with very advanced technologies and equipment, some of the country’s leading specialists work at this center, which has highly positive statistics and is recognized globally as a leading medical entity.
Ichilov is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) – a premier standard of quality and safety within the field of medical services.
This multi-disciplinary institution includes the following institutions:

  • General hospital
  • Sami Ofer Institute of Cardiology
  • Dana children’s hospital
  • Rehabilitation center
  • “Lys” maternity home

Ichilov Hospital is a greatly revered medical center. The country’s most famous oncology center is located there, as well as excellent departments of neurosurgery and orthopedic oncology, in which thousands of operations are carried out using the most updated technologies.

Dana children’s hospital is renowned worldwide for its unique treatment facilities and capabilities for children from birth to 18 years of age.
The center of pediatric oncology and hematology is also notable, conducting treatments for all forms of cancer in children. A center for bone marrow transplantation is also located adjacent to the hospital.